Our Beginning

On Sunday, September 9, 2001 about 30 families held their first meeting in Manhattan Park located in East Grand Rapids. This was a prospective group, calling themselves “Community in the Park.” At that point, their bonds were as much social as they were spiritual. But by the next Sunday, following the tragic events of September 11th, they realized that they needed a stronger bond than a social group and that “walking together” had gained a deeper meaning to them than just a couple of words found on a page. They wanted to be a faith community.

The founding members were looking for a church experience more firmly rooted in liberal-religious tradition. These founding members went through a vision quest, reading key articles by James Luther Adams, William Ellery Channing, Paul Tillich, F. Forrester ChOur Nameurch, John B. Wolf, and others. Through this process these members determined that they wanted to establish a new church in Grand Rapids; a Unitarian Universalist church.

In April 2002 All Souls Community Church was officially accepted for membership in the Unitarian Universalist Association of Congregations with 56 charter members of record.


Statement of Purpose:

This church is dedicated to religion, but not to a creed. It is a liberal religious community of free individuals of all ages walking together in relationship to one another, to our larger community and to the transcending mystery of the universe. Our community is based on open communication, democratic process in the capacity for goodness in all people.

Our spiritual health and our growth as a church community are intimately connected with the spiritual growth and development of our children. We pledge to develop our church community with this always in mind. Thischurch aims at celebrating and cultivating community, a sense of inquiry, moral character and insight, religious freedom, and helpfulness to humanity – that is, it aims at liberating and cultivating the human spirit.

Our Mission Statement:

Celebrating and Cultivating Community by

Liberating and Inspiring the Human Spirit

Who We Are Today

asccyellowAll Souls Community Church is the only Unitarian Universalist congregation in the city of Grand Rapids. We are an inclusive religious community that encourages people to think for themselves, to discuss their views respectfully and most importantly to walk together in relationship with one another in support of freedom of thought and religious diversity.

We have a solid and ever growing religious education program for our children and we are incredibly proud of our talented music program under the direction of Dr. Monique Salinas our Director of Music.

We are a truly multi-generational congregation that embraces both the young and old alike and we offer many ways for our single adults and families to take part in congregational events beyond Sunday morning. We offer adult religious education classes such as “Build Your Own Theology” and we have several covenant groups that our members find quite meaningful. We are also building a Young Adult Group that meets the needs of those between the ages of 20 and 30 years old. As Unitarian Universalists we take seriously the hard work of social justice but the congregation of All Souls also richly enjoys a hearty meal and good clean fun together!

Our Worship Service & Children’s Religious Education Classes are held on Sundays at 11:00 AM at Ahavas Israel – 2727 Michigan Street, NE, Grand Rapids

Our mailing address is 2727 Michigan St NE  Grand Rapids, MI 49506