Our offertory occurs fairly early in our worship service. The reason this happens so early in the service is because our children are still in the sanctuary with us and we are hoping to teach them about stewardship. We invite all children and adults too, to drop coins into our collection baskets. We separate out these coins each week and set them into a large jar. Sometime in May we suggest three unique charities and discuss them with our children. Then we ask the children to vote on the charity they would like the money to go to. It is really incredible to see the children discuss each charity and form their own decision.

To celebrate we invite a representative to come to our service where we present the selected charity with a BIG CHECK. We are very proud of what our children have accomplished while learning about stewardship.

Blessing of the Animals
2013 The Humane Society of Kent County $395.42 – This was our first year we had also had an anonymous donor offer matching funds.


2014 Heartside Ministry of Grand Rapids $213.70


2015 Kids Food Basket – $222.73 – We were able to make our donation during their matching fund drive which meant our $222.73 was doubled by an anonymous donor.