Our Objective and Goal

This artwork is uniquely designed for our All Souls congregation. No other UU sanctuary has this artwork. The canvasses are 5 foot by 5 foot and they were hand stretched by us. Both pieces were hand drawn and hand painted in acrylic paint including all the lettering.

It was our goal to respectfully conceal the wall mounted artwork of the Ten Commandments and Menorah with our Seven Principles and Chalice. Our goal was to create artwork that was bright, uplifting, inclusive, inspiring, meaningful, and contemporary. We were inspired by a circular sketch of our 7 principles by the Rev. Ian Riddell and a common drawing of our Unitarian Universalist chalice.

Keeping in mind that this is sanctuary art we made the decision to give it the appearance of stained glass. When the silver lead lines were added the artwork came to life. We invite you to take a closer look following our Sunday services. This was a true labor of love and we are thrilled by the positive response.

The Artists – Elizabeth Weaver, Kate O’Hare and Colleen Squires


The Progression of the Art


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