One vital role of a religious community is to serve as witness to each other in times of joy and sorrow. Together we welcome new children into our families, we acknowledge and commemorate our youth as they transition into young adults, we celebrate the lifetime commitment of two individuals to one another, and we honor, celebrate and remember the precious lives of those who have died. Our rites of passage are an integral part of our faith community making it a truly beloved community. 



When ?a child joins a family through adoption or birth, we honor this time with a child dedication ceremony. Our child dedications can at times occur as a private ceremony, with the parents, and close family and friends present however most of these ceremonies occur as part of Sunday morning worship. We wish to involve the whole congregation in welcoming the child and committing to the spiritual growth of the child and the support of the parents.



Our Coming of Age program honors and guides our young people in the spiritual transition from childhood to young adulthood. Open to 9th graders, the program is a year devoted to exploring Ucoasalemnitarian Universalist identity, theology, history and spirituality through innovative conversations. This is a time for our youth to define their beliefs and put their faith into words and action. A high point of the year is a trip to Boston to experience fist hand many of our centuries old congregations. The Coming of Age program culminates in a ceremony during a Sunday morning worship service as the congregation recognizes this important transition and commits to support the spiritual growth of our youth in this next phase of their lives.



We believe marriage is held in honor among the many blessings of life andHeather Tim3- we believe marriage strengthens families, protects children, and is a basic right of all citizens. We celebrate the joining in marriage of all couples who are ready to commit themselves to married life together. Our minister plans wedding ceremonies individually with each couple, so that each ceremony centers on that couple getting married, and on their friends and family. Our wedding ceremonies reflect the personalities of the couple while upholding the deep Unitarian Universalist belief in the inherent value and worth of every human being.


Many couples from the larger community choose to be married by a UKRLHAug 2014nitarian Universalist minister, as a way of honoring the different religious traditions of both families. There are no creedal limitations or required classes for those who consecrate their unions in our UU tradition – but we do want to get to know you beforehand. Couples meet with our minister at least twice in the months leading up to their wedding, and participate in planning a ceremony that reflects their unique partnership and dreams for the future. There is a fee for the minister’s services (for non-church members); but there is no charge or obligation for an initial meeting. For more information or to set up an appointment with Rev. Squires please email her at minister@allsoulscommunity.org 




When one of our members passes away we most often choose to honor and celebrate the life by holding a memorial service. This service in the Unitarian Universalist tradition is more than a chance to grieve a person’s death; it is also intended to honor and celebrate the person’s life and spirit. Because our theology leaves open the answers to questions about an afterlife, our memorial services concentrate on sharing personal reflections about the person’s life here on earth, the lessons and meaning this unique life has taught us, and the precious ways we wish always to remember our beloved friend.